Sushi Ingredients And Materials To Have

Published: 08th January 2010
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If you are keen on preparing your own Japanese food, there are several ingredients and materials that you have to keep a stock of. These ingredients and materials can be divided into basic sushi essentials, essential sushi tools, vegetables, and toppings.

Creating a sushi would not be possible without such items as Gari, wasabi, Nori, and sushi rice. A sushi Gari refers to thinly sliced and pickled ginger. It is usually served in every sushi meal and consumed between every sushi dish in order to cleanse the palate. On the other hand, wasabi, more commonly known as Japanese horseradish, is a Japanese spice root used as a dip for sushi. Nori, or laver, is the dried seaweed used to wrap the sushi roll, while the sushi rice is a Japanese rice that is sticky and short-grained.

In order to create the perfect sushi, you would need to have a rolling mat. This mat helps to maintain even pressure when rolling a sushi. The best rolling mat is the one where one side is flat and the other is rounded. A saran tape is commonly used when preparing inside-out roll in order to keep the rice from sticking.

Most restaurants serving sushi in Westonmake use of two vegetables - avocado and sweet potato. The Hass avocado usually features a pebbly dark green skin and is the most preferred when serving sushi. Sweet potato, on the other hand, is commonly used as a topping for an inside-out sushi. It is also makes for a good filling for Maki sushi.

Black sesame, Panko and Tempura are some of the ingredients that sushi Weston restaurants use in order to add flavor. The black sesame is toasted sesame which you can sprinkle on top of the sushi to add to its flavor. Panko, on the other hand, is Japanese bread crumb used to coat a sushi very much like how a tempura is used. The main difference, however, between the two is that the former is not as sticky as the latter.

Majority of sushi Weston restaurants make use of these basic ingredients and tools. Other ingredients that you might come across in these restaurants include cucumber, soy sauce, Miso soup, and crab sticks.

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